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Services by Altensis

Project Owner IPKB Building Size 6,052 m2
Location Kadıköy, İstanbul Certification Type LEED PLATINUM

Services by Altensis

Project Owner IPKB
Location Kadıköy, İstanbul
Building Size 6,052 m2
Certification Type LEED PLATINUM

KADIKÖY ATATÜRK SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL project has been awarded the PLATINUM level certificate in the LEED v3 School category. It became the first public school to receive LEED Platinum certification in Europe and Asia as of 30.10.2020, when it received the certificate. In this context, many environmental and human friendly features have been integrated into the project design and construction. KADIKÖY ATATÜRK SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL, which was designed and built considering the sustainability criteria from the concept project stage, has been handled with the principle of creating a healthy and ecological school. While the reduction of carbon emissions is aimed, bicycle use has been encouraged with the bike lanes and racks in the campus. Erosion and Sedimentation control plan was developed to minimize the damage to the environment and nature during the construction process; Measures have been taken to prevent construction pollution.

90% efficiency in water consumption has been achieved through the use of efficient faucets with low water consumption in the building and the use of gray water and rainwater in flush fixtures. Rainwater and gray water are also used in irrigation. Thanks to energy efficient mechanical-electrical systems, high-performance façade and photovoltaic panels producing electricity, 62% energy saving was achieved in the building according to international standards. The necessary infrastructure has been designed to monitor the energy consumption of these systems separately.

Within the scope of the project, attention was paid to the use of Recycled Content and Local Materials. The amount of fresh air supplied to the spaces has been kept above international standards in order to increase the user’s health and comfort indoors; Chemicals such as paint, glue and paste with low VOC values ​​are used in the interior.