Green Buildings

Green Building Due-Diligence

Altensis “Green Building Due-Diligence” service, provides in-depth information about the building performance to the building owners or tenants of existing buildings. Within the scope of this study, a detailed evaluation is applied in all necessary criteria to be a green building. Together with detailed study of energy efficiency, following aspects; water efficiency, waste management, transportation, resident health and comfort of the building, daylight, cleaning etc. are evaluated under internationally recognized LEED for Existing Buildings or BREEAM In-Use certificate system and reported to the owner or tenant of the building. As a result, if the owner or the tenant of the building desires to obtain LEED or BREEAM certification, needed service will be provided towards reaching this goal.

For Tenants

Prior to signing a lease agreement, a tenant may want to know how green their new building is or where it needs improvements to meet the international green building benchmarks

For Building Owners

An existing building owner may want to make its building ore attractive to potential tenants by using green building principles or may be thinking of going for a renovation and would like to include green building practices into the renovation scope of works.

This study is the first step in the direction of creating a green building for the building owners. Also, it creates an important resource available for those who want to decide to move to a building and looking for detailed information about the building’s environmental features.