Product Sustainability

Product sustainability means that products are manufactured not only considering economic and qualitative criteria, but also social and environmental criteria with an innovative approach in order to be able to obtain sustainable improvements.

Altensis is the first company in Turkey which is involved in both dimensions of this sustainability concept such as manufacturing of products and implementation of these products in green building projects.

Product Sustainability Services provided by Altensis are as follows:

EPD – Environmental Product Declarations:

Preparation of product declarations according to ISO 14025 through implementation of life cycle assessment (LCA) for some pre – defined parameters described within the framework of ISO 14040 considering the environmental performance of a product.

Preperation of an EPD covers the following stages:

  • Determination of products / product groups and system boundaries
  • Preperation of life cycle inventory (input – output) regarding the manufacturing process of the product
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA) modelling and calculation
  • Interpretation of LCA results and presentation in the form of an EPD
  • Follow up and completion of the third party verification process

EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

LCA – Life Cycle Assessment 

Life cycle assessment can be defined as the assessment of a product or service in terms of its environmental impacts through all the manufacturing and use phase stages starting from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal stage. This assessment is based on ISO 14040 series standards.

Implementation of LCA approach:

The implementation of LCA approach covers improvement and optimization potentials for all processes regarding the product manufacturing, design of more environmental friendly products, efficient resource use, optimizing cost saving and scenario modelling for changes that can be made for new product designs made by innovation management.

LCA – Life Cycle Assessment 

Product Carbon Footprint

Life cycle assessment can be calculated considering the carbon emissions generated during the life cycle of the products according to the requirements of the companies.

Product carbon footprint service covers the following stages:

  • Inventory (input – output) analysis for the product or service
  • Life cycle modelling and calculation
  • Interpretation and presentation of carbon emissions focused results

Product Carbon Footprint

Self Declerations:

Preparation of self declarations and making relevant calculations in accordance with the ISO 14021 series standards. Such as recycled content statements declared under green building certifications.