DesignBuilder Software

DesignBuilder is an EnergyPlus based software  tool used  for energy, carbon, lighting and comfort measurement and control.  DesignBuilder is developed to ease up the building simulation process. DesignBuilder is comparing  alternative building designs by using function and performance-based method of comparison results by the various analyzes in a quick and economic manner.

DesignBuilder combines fast three-dimensional building modeling with dynamic energy simulations with its unique ease of use. Thanks to this feature it is regarded as a unique software tool to create and evaluate building designs. It has specially developed modules in order to be used effectively at any stage of the design process  Only a few parameters to provide a wide range of opportunity to work up to the more detailed design of the particular design. DesignBuilder is easy to use. Its innovative productivity features allow even complex buildings to be modelled rapidly by non-expert users.

DesignBuilder has been developed to be used by a wide range of professionals such as architects, engineers, building services workers,  energy consultants and related departments of universities. Some typical usage purpose are summarized below:

  • To evaluate facade options in terms of overheating , energy consumption and shading parameters.
  • Evaluation of the optimum use of daylight. Modelling of lighting control systems and determining the savings rate in the corresponding electricity.
  • To calculate the buildings in/around  temperature, velocity and pressure distribution by using the  CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) module.
  • Visualization of the site plan and shading.
  • Thermal simulation in buildings which are ventilated with natural ventilation.
  • Determining the capacity of heating and cooling equipment to include the issues to help HVAC design.
  • To provide material to design meetings for supporting  interdisciplinary communication.
  • To be used in universities  in energy modeling and simulation courses.

DesignBuilder allows complex buildings to be modeled in a simple fast way even by non-expert users. DesignBuilder is the first and most comprehensive program that creates a graphical interface to a Energyplus dynamic thermal simulation engine. This graphical interface makes the design of the buildings, their energy performance and CFD simulations allow to be displayed in 3D to provide support for examination.

DesignBuilder uses the latest version of EnergyPlus simulation engine for calculating the energy performance of buildings . The resulting data can be filtered as desired and presented in graphs or can be exported in tabular format for use in other applications.


EnergyPlus is the most comprehensive building energy simulation program developed by the US Department of Energy, in order to model building heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation and other energy flow, which  has been constantly being improved. It is built on BLAST and DOE-2’s most popular features and capabilities , but at the same time it has many innovative features such as less than an hour simulation time, heat transfer balance-based zone simulation, multi zone air conditioning system, thermal comfort and photo-voltaic systems .

EnergyPlus is a simulation program with a user friendly graphical interface. DesignBuilder has created elegant and easy to use interface to EnergyPlus.

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