Green Buildings

EDGE Consultancy

An innovation of IFC, EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) is a software application, a universal standard and a green building certification system. EDGE makes it fast, easy and affordable to build and brand green in emerging markets, proving that environmental responsibility correlates with smart business.

The free EDGE software empowers decision-makers to determine the most cost-effective options for designing green within a local climate context, boosting awareness of the commercial attractiveness of resource-efficient design. The EDGE standard articulates a universal definition for a green building: 20 percent less energy use, 20 percent less water use, and 20 percent less embodied energy in materials. EDGE certification rewards industry leaders for creating superior assets, which can in turn be promoted to their customers, who benefit from lower utility bills.

Green buildings have lower risk profiles, sell faster and at a premium, and have higher rent ratios, all of which helps to divert market players towards higher performing buildings. This virtuous cycle breaks pre-conceived barriers among builders, bankers and buyers, aligning interests to create a groundswell of engagement that catalyzes resource-efficient building growth.

Altensis, as a leader company in sustainability management, provides premium services for projects that aim to achieve EDGE certification.

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