Product Sustainability



It is the formation of the product specific self declarations and doing the related calculations in accordance with the ISO 14021 standards.  Such as recycled content statements for green buildings.

ISO 14021: Type II Self-declarations

These are the environmental statements prepared by  manufacturers, importers, retailers and distributors for marketing purposes without 3rd Party certification. ISO 14021 standards define the basic requirements such as type II symbol use and disclosure statements and also outlines 12 specific requirements and applications for the main subject. These issues are composting, decomposition ability, disassembled ability, longevity, recycled energy, recyclable, recycled content, reduced energy consumption, reduced use of resources, reduced water consumption, reusable and refillable, in the form of waste reduction.

Environmental labels are generally have been prepared on the basis of European Union misleading advertising Directive 84/450 / EEC,  and comparative advertising (97/55 / EC) directive. Therefore, during the supply of goods and services in commerce, providing information on business expertise, attention should be paid on protection of the customer and unfair competition.

If you would like to share different features of your product with external stakeholders and use advantage of this, Altensis experienced technical team can help you to prepare original declarations. You can direct your questions regarding environmental label to