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Services by Altensis

Project Owner Erguvan İnşaat Building Size 27200 m2
Location Pendik, İstanbul Certification Type LEED GOLD

Services by Altensis

Project Owner Erguvan İnşaat
Location Pendik, İstanbul
Building Size 27200 m2
Certification Type LEED GOLD

Erguvan Premium Residence, built by Erguvan Construction, offers a residential experience with the comfort of a hotel. The project consists of 288 dwelling units, 10 independent commercial units and many social areas. In addition, Erguvan Construction’s office unit is located in a part of the project.

Erguvan Premium Residence, which is adjacent to Technopark and close to the airport and main transportation axes, contains many environmental and human friendly applications. Erguvan Premium Residence has been awarded the certification at the GOLD level of the LEED v2009 New Construction category.

It is aimed to adapt the project to the environment by using plant areas in the landscape and using light colored materials on the roofs. It provides sustainable transportation incentives to all users with its Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Bicycle Parking areas.

While preparing the operational scenario of the project, it is aimed to use systems that will reduce energy and water consumption in the building and to create applications that will improve indoor air quality. Energy-saving devices and systems were used in the project. In this way, more than 24% savings have been achieved in the energy consumption of the building. Indoor water consumption has been reduced by more than 40%. Rainwater is collected from roof areas and transferred to a water storage. This storage water is used for landscape irrigation.

Building materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly are preferred in the building. Recyclable waste points on each floor and a main collection room in the basement floor are provided to separate recyclable waste from domestic waste. With all these applications, unnecessary consumption of resources can be prevented.

In addition to the environmentally friendly building construction and operation process aims, ensuring user comfort is also a necessary principle of sustainability. In this context, many user and environmentally friendly strategies have been implemented. With the precautions taken during construction phases and the selection of low-emission materials, indoor air quality has been provided for users. While planning the closed space orientations in the building design, it was paid attention to the optimum utilization of the daylight and view of the building in the frequently used areas. In addition to these, it was aimed to increase the interaction with the environment and to encourage social and physical activities by providing open spaces.