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Services by Altensis

Project Owner BASF Türk Kimya Sanayi Building Size 3294 m2
Location Pendik, İstanbul Certification Type LEED GOLD

Services by Altensis

Project Owner BASF Türk Kimya Sanayi
Location Pendik, İstanbul
Building Size 3294 m2
Certification Type LEED GOLD

BASF Innovation Center has been awarded with the GOLD level certification for the LEED v4 for New Construction & Major Renovation category.

BASF Innovation Center is located at Istanbul Technopark. Many sustainable features have been developed in Technopark such as public transportation including bus stops, shuttles and a new metro station. With low speed driveways, bicycle lanes and green features, campus is convenient for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. It includes amenities at various categories such as restaurant and cafes, sports, personal care, accommodation, shopping, medical center and offices. In location selection, BASF took all these features into consideration and while benefiting from them, many other sustainable features are added to BASF Innovation Center at the design and construction phases of the project.

In order to minimize the adverse effect on the environment, erosion and sedimentation plans are developed, precautions are taken to prevent water and construction pollution caused by dust generation. Electric vehicle charge stations and bicycle racks are provided. BASF Innovation Center has more than 30% open space and green space within the project boundary. Hardscape and roof covering materials are selected with light colored- materials. With water-efficient landscape design and plant selections, more than 50% water use reduction is targeted. Building’s efficient water fixture and flush equipments lead to more than 50% water saving.

The requirements of the ASHRAE 90.1-2010 American Energy Efficiency Standard are pre-regulated using efficient lighting fixtures, heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The working spaces are illuminated at the optimum rate using daylight sensors. With the selection of energy-efficient mechanical-electrical systems, façade design and appropriate glass, more than 20% energy saving is provided when compared to international standards.

At construction, materials with Environmental Product Declarations, materials with responsible sourcing are used to decrease environmental impact. VOC content of the building construction chemicals that used during the construction of interior spaces, is selected to be the lowest ratio in order to increase interior living health and comfort. To reduce building waste during the operational period, all recyclables will be collected separately and send to recycling.

Fresh air amount is set above the international standards. Mechanical systems are designed with 30% increased ventilation as per ASHRAE 62.1-2010 regulations to provide building occupants comfort. Employees can easily access quality views and benefit from daylight in the building.