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Services by Altensis

Project Owner Aromsa Building Size 2940 m2
Location Gebze, Kocaeli Certification Type LEED PLATINUM

Services by Altensis

Project Owner Aromsa
Location Gebze, Kocaeli
Building Size 2940 m2
Certification Type LEED PLATINUM

Located in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, Aromsa Suat Bey Area building incorporates many environmental and human friendly applications. Aromsa Suat Bey Area building has been awarded the PLATINUM level certificate in the LEED v4 BD + C New Construction category.

Aromsa Suat Bey Area building is in a location where a sub-structure is established. Thus, it can serve the users and the visitors without damaging the nature. Carbon emission has been reduced by the fact that the project is close to public transportations and bicycle parking spaces are available in the building site. In addition, the presence of electric vehicle charging stations provides incentives to reduce carbon emissions.

In landscape design, attention has been paid to plant biodiversity and the use of local plants and efficient irrigation systems have been preferred. Rainwater management has been provided on the whole of the land, and the landscape irrigation provided by the collected rainwater. In the project, priority has been given to material choices that will reduce the heat island effect. Landscape and navigable roof areas are provided to increase the visual comfort of the users and encourage the users to be active.

It is aimed to use systems that will consume less energy and water in the project. In addition, it is aimed to create solutions that will increase indoor air quality. Energy-saving devices and systems were used. In addition, the energy gained from the solar panels applied to the side building roof is used in the Aromsa building, saving is provided. Gray water collected from the showers and sink faucets in the building is purified and reused in toilet and urinal flushing systems. In this way, the energy consumption of the building has been reduced by more than 29% and the indoor water consumption has been reduced more than 50%. Indoor air quality has been provided for the occupants with the provisions taken during construction and the selection of low-emitting material. In addition to all these, attention has been paid to ensure that the occupants of the building benefit from daylight and quality view at the optimum level.

Materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly are preferred. Recyclable waste points are provided on each floor in order to separate the recyclable waste that will arise during the operation process from domestic waste. Unnecessary consumption of resources can be prevented with all these applications.