Quality and Environmental Policy

  • Within the scope of the services  “Green Building Consultancy, Energy Modeling, Sustainability Management and Training Activities” to provide service in accordance with best practices and customer requirements and to keep every quality of service and customer satisfaction in the foreground,
  • To conclude the “Green Building Consultancy, Energy Modeling, Sustainability Management and Training Activities” services that we have given as a company within the target times in accordance with the relevant work program,
  • To adopt the basic policy of exceeding customer expectations, to implement an effective and efficient integrated management system in order to reach the targets and to use the necessary resources to continuously improve the system,
    To comply with the laws and regulations related to the environment in force and the special conditions and requirements of the customers served,
  • To ensure efficient use of natural resources such as energy and water,
    To ensure that waste is recycled and decomposed at the source of waste,
  • To ensure that our solution partners comply with the laws and the methods and principles of Altensis’ Quality and Environmental Management Systems,
  • To establish control and monitoring systems that will not compromise all necessary quality, occupational health and safety and environmental protection criteria, to implement these systems completely and to apply them to solution partners,
  • To contribute to the increase of our competitiveness and our competitiveness in the sector with the success achieved by constantly developing our employees, ensuring that quality awareness is settled at every level, and taking the responsibility of being an Altensis staff in every decision taken,
  • To ensure that the staff feel happy and proud because of being an Altensis employee.
    ALTENSIS Management Team